Living with CIDP: Diagnosis

Homebody, Homegirl

‘Your feet are icy, stop wriggling!’

‘I can’t help it, I’ve got pins and needles again.’

I didn’t know it, but almost four years ago, these were the first symptoms of CIDP. I put the persistent numb feet down to my boyfriend’s crumbling cottage and the lack of central heating. And sure enough, by the time the spring had arrived, the symptoms were gone.

There were other signs of a problem over the next few years. I had bouts of my hands feeling swollen and achy, which were dismissed as carpal tunnel syndrome. After an energetic Zumba class, my toes would feel like they were on fire, but I put this down to wearing ill-fitting trainers.

None of these things lasted for long enough for me to make it to my doctor about them. So I didn’t worry too much. I was in my late 20s and otherwise in good…

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