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Older Than Their Years: Three Health Issues Adults Never Expect In Kids

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New parents often rush out and buy family health bibles. Then, a lot of parents read them cover to cover, so they’re prepared to recognize health problems in their kids. But, many of them fail to realize that there are issues their children may face during their development which would never cross our minds.

For the most part, we relate such conditions to teens or adults. As such, we don’t even consider looking out for them in our youngsters. And, of course, you can’t become a wealth of knowledge about every condition under the sun. That’s why I’ve put together a list of three health issues you would never consider your kids could suffer from. Best to be prepared, after all!

Hip Problems

Let’s be honest; most of us relate hip problems to elderly grandparents with tired bones. While this is often the case, the elderly aren’t the only ones…

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Stevie Describes Her Experiences Of Being Prescribed Seroxat (Paxil) In 1996..

GSK : Licence To (K) ill (Documenting GSK And Seroxat)

If you haven’t listened to James Moore’s podcast series you really should.

James has notched up 29 Podcasts so far, and I think they are brilliant.

Stevie was prescribed Seroxat in 1996. Like many others, she was told by her doctor (from the propaganda of GSK at the time) that she had a chemical imbalance and that Seroxat would fix this. This was all nonsense of course, and merely just a marketing ploy to get more people on these drugs. More drugs and more patients on them- means more money for Glaxo’s coffers…

GSK are felons, proven criminals and fraudsters, do you think they tell the truth about their drugs?

Of course they don’t.

Do you think they care about people who suffer side effects?

Of course they don’t..

All they care about is GSK..

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